A professional organization of students studying at CDS has been serving students of statistics for students’ welfare and for upgrading their professional careers by organizing different programs/ activities. Departmental welcome and farewell programs and other programs are organized regularly by SSAN. The current organizational representatives of SSAN are listed below.

Statistical Students Association of Nepal (2078)

Biswash Kunwar
Biswash KunwarChairman
Phone: 9849914285
Email: trustat32@gmail.com
Bhairav Roka
Bhairav RokaVice Chairman
Phone: 9849622990
Email: bhairavrc448@gmail.com
Jibesh Acharya
Jibesh Acharya Secretary
Phone: 9861615955
Email: acharyajibesh@gmail.com
Srisa Rijal
Srisa Rijal Vice Secretary
Phone: 9867681872
Email: srisarijaloo7th@gmail.com
Manita Rijal
Manita Rijal Treasurer
Phone: 9865078957
Email: manitarijal34@gmail.com
Balaram Harijan
Balaram Harijan Member
Phone: 9841804103
Email: horizonbalaram@gmail.com
Basanti Bharati
Basanti Bharati Member
Phone: 9860653385
Email: basantibharati123@gmail.com
Diwash Parajuli
Diwash Parajuli Member
Phone: 9844792958
Email: diwashparajuli59@gmail.com
Nurendra Rimal
Nurendra Rimal Member
Phone: 9845584932
Email: nrimal34@gmail.com
Rabin Dahal
Rabin Dahal Member
Phone: 9816025083
Email: rabin17730@gmaill.com
Yogendra Parajuli
Yogendra Parajuli Member
Phone: 9846728925
Email: pradeepparajuli07@gmail.com