M.Sc. / M. A. (Statistics)

Criteria and Eligibility for M. Sc. / M. A. (Statistics)

Students having a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics or Equivalent Degree recognized by TU are eligible to apply for admission.  Each applicant must appear and pass the entrance examination conducted by CDS, IOST. Admission for fixed quota will be made in the merit basis of the examination taking account of reservation guidelines of TU and also through marks obtained in Bachelor’s Degree, if necessary.

For details, please visit the IOST website: https://www.tuiost.edu.np/

Ph. D. (Statistics)

Criteria and Eligibility for Ph. D. (Statistics)

The Doctoral Program (Ph. D. in Statistics) of CDS, Institute of Science and Technology (IOST), Tribhuvan University is intended for those who wish to develop a career in teaching, research, and advanced knowledge in the field of Statistics. The Ph.D. Scholars are expected to achieve a high standard of academic excellence and substantial contribution to theoretical and applied areas of Statistics through original research. The Ph. D. program of IOST is regulated by the Research Committee (RC-IOST) constituted under the chair of the Dean in accordance to Tribhuvan University Organization and Academic Administration Rule 2050, Chapter 3, Section 9.

Researchers interested to pursue Ph. D. research in Statistics from CDS are requested to visit and/or make correspondence to the department for consultation of possible areas of research. Upon discussion with HoD and the intended Supervisor, the candidate eligible for Ph. D. research (see IOST Ph. D. Rules and Regulations, Website: https://www.tuiost.edu.np/committee/research) needs to prepare for building proposal of Ph. D. research which may take several months for finalization considering mutual understanding between the candidate and the intended supervisor. Upon successful proposal defense viva-voce conducted by CDRC, the candidates’ applications will be forwarded to IOST for Ph. D. registration. IOST will conduct an entrance examination. Only successful candidates will be eligible for Ph. D. registration.

The Ph. D program is conducted according to the IOST rules and regulations. Please visit the IOST website: https://www.tuiost.edu.np/committee/research and download the Regulations of Ph. D. Program, 2017 for details.